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How it works

Step 1

Download Extension

Download CB Extension from chrome store or safari store and add to browser

step 1
step 2 step 2

Step 2

Shop Online

As you shop online, we automatically compare prices in other supermarkets and in the current supermarket.

Step 3

Replace & View

Use the “Replace” to automatically switch out products and “view” button to see the same product in other online retailers.

step 3 step 3
step 4 step 4

Step 4

Compare Cart

Compare your total cart in all retailers from one view and see where to save the most!

How to use it on Mobile


All web extensions (including this one) do not work on browser; but don’t worry,you can use Kiwi browser which is a really fast and safe Chrome based browser to access it.


  1. Download Kiwi Browser from Google play store or click download below.

  2. Open Kiwi browser and go to settings and select Extensions.

  3. Click on “Google” to access the official Google webstore and search for “CB extension”

  4. Then select “Add to Chrome” and start saving on your shopping!

Alternatively, you can try our price comparison website before downloading which does the same function; but the extension is way easier to use Enjoy!

Download Kiwi Browser Try Price Comparison website Stuck? Send us a WhatsApp